Ionic ST

(PRE-ORDER) ST Sonic Cones

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The ST Sonic Cone will be your Assistant Coach, Personal Coach, and Personal Data Analyst all at the click of a button. Our cones track overall performance and tendencies in addition to organizing data and clips for you as an athlete or coach. We are providing ways to improve and implement your results into an adjustable long term development plan. With our system, athletes in a wide range of sports will become well-rounded and find their areas of improvement through workout summaries. Sign up for your Pre-Order Now!

Limited Numbers Available

Pre-Order Incentives:

  • A discount on product price 
  • Access to system before other users 
  • Subscription Perks 
  • Lifetime Deals on Product Releases 
  • A 100% money-back guarantee, should anything go wrong

What you get:

-USB Charging Cable

-1 ST Sonic Cone

-User Manual 

-App Subscription